How To Pull A Tooth

A visit to the dentist is often such a frightening thought that some people try to get the procedure done themselves. To some, even this thought can sound terrible. Such people want to find out How To Pull A Tooth because they abhor going to a dentist and want to attempt it on their own. Often people have a terrible tooth ache at night, and then it doesn’t seem like they will live to see a morning with such an ache and just want to find out how to pull a tooth, so that they can find their own relief.

Often, one finds a tooth has already been dislodged out of its cavity to quite an extant, in such a case, pulling out a tooth may not be such a terrible ordeal. However, if the tooth ache is because of gum related problems or with both the gums and the tooth, the pain can get worse if you attempt to do it on your own. If there is puss and related symptoms then it is best left to a capable dentist to do his work, rather than try it yourself. The problem gets aggravated when tooth-ache arrives calling at night and that is the time when people want to know How To Pull A Tooth.

How To Pull A ToothPulling out a tooth in olden days

In days way before in time, when there weren’t enough dentist in smaller towns and cities, people still had tooth aches back then. The difference was, back in those days people would merely get high on a strong peg of scotch whiskey and pull the troubled tooth out without much thought to it. In those days, even modern painkillers were not available and hence people used they own means of pulling out a painful tooth by using the best means they could think of.

Although in modern times, we have dentists who use localised and general anaesthetics to dull the pain and then go for extraction that was not the case in olden days. Back then people just devised their own method and used a pliers or some similar device and did it themselves or got someone to do it for them. Toothache back then was more painful as there was no ready remedy available for it as it is today.

Getting a tooth pulled out in modern times

Even today, people do face a situation when they have no recourse but to pull a tooth out themselves. If someone is stuck in some strange desolate place, in the wilderness or the jungle and were afflicted by tooth ache then the only way would be to do the painful procedure on their own without any medical aid. Also, if you’re visiting a foreign land and with the cost of dentistry being very high in most places, you might have to do this tough job on your own, because there is no other way out. Nevertheless, it is wise to remember that in case you have a known gum disease, you should not attempt to pull the tooth out on your own. The result of causing damage to your gum in the process can prove to be very costly later on or can aggravate a situation to such an extent that it can become life threatening. People can get disfigured jaw and other such complications from a self operating procedure and that can mean trouble later on. A lot of other things can happen from using tools that have not been thoroughly disinfected. It can cause serious aggravation later on.

No matter what, the attempt to pull out your tooth by yourself is a dangerous task? However, we have seen a number of situations where it may need to be done, in that case please follow very good dental hygiene in all its ramifications, just so to ensure a clean operation. If however, you happen to break a tooth while attempting to pull it out, that would mean a bigger expenditure for you from having to go to a dentist to have the broken bit remaining to be extracted. It is always wise to seek the option of a dental expert in matter of the teeth and irrespective of the cost involved, better to let him handle the job of tooth extraction rather than do it yourself and suffer the consequences.